Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wear and Tear and a New Direction

The other day I went out for my morning run and noticed that my knee was slightly sore. I put this down to a job I did the day before running fibre cables in a computer room that involved a lot of kneeling and getting up and down. I was slightly concerned because with all my training I shouldn’t suffer any ill effect from normal activities. Nevertheless I pressed on doing a magnificent hill sprint. The next day my knee was even worse. It hurt even while lying in bed that night.

My old knee injury had returned. As usual I was taking things too far and pushing the limit. In the past I had never run straight up large hills like I was now doing. Oh well, time to turn defeat into victory. Intense running is out for a while and maybe forever which is a shame as it is something I love but I’m not going to do it if it jeopardizes the primary objective which is to be mobile and healthy at 100. Knee joints will get damaged with over use – it happens time and again to runners and athletes.

Now is the time to preserve and protect the joints. So I am going to stop running and cycling for a month and do occasional walks instead. I’m also going to do 15 minute workouts twice a day that involve push-ups, chin-ups, Ab-King-Pro and some weights. I will concentrate on good form and on developing the tone of my middle and upper body- my legs are looking pretty good anyway so I really don’t need all the running except for cardio-vascular health. I hope to return to a bit of cycling and easy running after a month or so.

I have already noticed a couple of good things with the change. Two fifteen minute sessions are easy to do and if done briskly will up the heart rate. You don’t necessarily have to change into special clothes to do it. You don’t get drenched in sweat either. It has less impact on your life yet still fulfils the magic 200 minutes of exercise per week objective. This may turn out to be a good thing and now that it is winter I want to concentrate on the upper body anyway.

I think my condition is this:

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