Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update on the High Animal Fat Diet

The last few months have seen me practising a largely calorie restricted diet that I have to say has been characterized by periods of intense hunger. I would look at fat people and think, "Have you ever endured extreme hunger or nausea from intense exercise? - I think not" and feel pretty smug about my will power.

Well now I am into day three of enjoying the HAF (High Animal Fat) diet I can honestly report that I haven't felt hungry. Indeed, quite the opposite. My craving for sweet things has gone and I feel satiated all the time. This is the answer for people who cannot face being hungry. You just have to get over all that indoctrination about animal fat clogging your arteries. This is just an anecdote but I was watching the news on TV about New Zealand's oldest immigrant who is 102 and he was asked what he ate and he said, " Well, I eat a lot of animal fat". I notice that the article linked above doesn't mention anything about animal fat but I heard him say it. The media never like to report anything that would suggest that animal fat could be good for you. The link does say he eats in moderation but what does that really mean? Could it be a code for eating animal fat? Everything in moderation, yes everything. I bet he doesn't eat as much carb as most people.

For some really interesting reading on low carb/high fat diets go to these two web sites: -this is where I got the cup of cream idea - thanks Peter!

You can spend hours trolling through the archives getting amazing information that could save your life.

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