Monday, December 22, 2014

Taking Active Survival to the Next Level

Taken moments after the first shots were fired in the Martin Place Sydney hostage incident. Tori Johnson had just tried to over-power the gunman and failed losing his life. Katrina Dawson was fatally shot soon after.
Tori Johnson was an openly gay and probably quite gentle guy. Women and ethnic minorities flee as fast as they can. That dude on the right looks fit and a fast runner. He is winning the race.
So here we have a situation where an effeminate guy tries to save the day (good on him) while everyone else run for their lives.
I can’t help feeling something is wrong here.
We are not well equipped to cope with this situation. Modern “morality” and multi-culturalism has not served us well. The world has become flakey.
What would have happened if the cafe was filled with, say, heterosexual white supremacists who had mentally and physically prepared for this day?
I was once, and still am to some extent, interested in parkour. Parkour was invented by a French guy after he observed how hopeless most people were physically coping in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Not only could they not help others they couldn’t even help themselves. Parkour would provide the necessary skills and fitness to enable the practitioner to conduct himself heroically and ably in demanding situations. It is not just a matter of physical ability.
Athletic skill must be combined with courage and altruism. Georges H├ębert
I’m thinking we need to do much better. We need to be prepared for more than just natural disasters.
* We have been tested and found wanting. Of course this situation could have been stopped dead in its tracks by one easy sniper shot. All those Zombie movies and we have learned nothing? Head shots, its the only way.
Question is, will we learn from this exercise?
I’m not confident. Indeed the greatest fear in the aftermath of the debacle is that people would take steps to protect themselves. Group hug instead: