Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Hollywood Look

The other day I was paid a very good compliment and that was that I looked like a 1960’s movie star. I was wearing tight Levis, a slim fitting black T shirt and hauling around some desktop computers earning some extra money in the evening. Only moments before, while I was waiting for my work mates to come down the lift, I was admiring myself in the reflection of the lift doors. I looked good I thought to myself. The upper body work is really starting to pay off with a thin waist, defined arm muscles, flat tummy and visible pecs. Nothing super fantastic but reminiscent of that early Paul Newman or Patrick Swayze look.

I was probably doing myself a favour and standing in a body enhancing way after posing in the reflection of the doors. Also lugging the workstations around probably pumped me up a bit. Wearing a black T shirt helps as well.

But still…hoorah success! This is exactly the look I want to achieve. All that pain, all that denial at the dinner table – well worth it.