Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eating Disorders

Inevitably the Active Survivalist will be accused of having an eating disorder. When it comes to reshaping the body and fighting off the effects of aging diet plays a large part. Too much food is deadly. Almost everyone eats too much and it's a wonder that people aren't even fatter than they already are. Fat deposits are building up around the vital organs of almost everyone and those deposits are solidifying and become harder to dislodge with every passing day. Food is everywhere, forcing the Active Survivalist to engage in a relentless battle against aging and decrepitude. Obsessive behaviour or tremendous discipline is required to prevail against food and those offering it. Obsessive behaviour does have its dangers and it is possible for people to go too far but one shouldn't worry about being accused of having anorexia. Indeed an accusation is a sign of success. Your appearance is now noticeably different. You are leaner than almost everyone else around you. And you know that you are on the right track because you are stronger than ever before and feeling better than ever before. Diet is used to fuel and build the body not to be social or alleviate emotional stress. The amount of food taken and the time it is taken should be carefully considered. It is always better to eat too little than to eat too much. Keep in mind that those who do have disorders eat practically nothing, which is entirely counter-productive for those who seek a longer healthier life.