Monday, November 01, 2010

The Big Push

Well, Winter is well and truly over and now it is time for the big push to get fit for Christmas. Today is November 1st , fifty odd days until Christmas and time to seriously get into the training and healthy eating.

I’ll admit I have been a bit slack lately with my eating habits. The one lesson I repeatedly fail to learn is that I really have no self control when it comes to chocolate. I see it on special in the supermarket and think I can limit myself to a 100 calorie portion a day but noooo….. So no more chocolate will be purchased until after Christmas. The same goes for wine. I have four bottles in the larder - it will have to last until Christmas.

Exercise will be intense with an emphasis on the upper body and gaining muscle definition. A two pronged attack – reduce fat, gain definition.

I upped my weights the other day by 2KG and I felt it. It is amazing how the body adapts to certain exercises that you do regularly. Change a feature of those exercises, like a very modest addition of two one kg weights and your body complains. Complaints are good though as long as no injury is experienced.

I’m fighting a battle against muscle loss as a result of aging so I’m not expecting things to be easy.