Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Human Experimentation - I am a Lab Rat

Yesterday I did my first attempt at a 24 hour fast. The previous day I ate a lot more bread than is normal for me and I was feeling a little bloated so decided that now was the time to try a 24 hour fast. The over-eating of bread seemed to inflate my body. Stepping on the scales in the evening I noticed that I was 72KG which is 1.5KG heavier than normal for me yet surely I hadn’t eaten that much bread. It seems that bread swells my body somehow and this is probably not a good thing. It reinforces my suspicion that bread is toxic to humans.

It’s interesting the reactions you get from people when you tell them that you are not eating for 24 hours. They look at you as if you are mad, as if you are embarking on an incredibly foolish and dangerous exercise, that you have an eating disorder or are even suicidal.

I think that ancient man often went long periods of time without eating and that the body is designed to do it. It would be crazy if the body started deteriorating and ceasing to function merely after a few hours of not eating. It would be logical for the body to get sharper and better at hunting if it is running on empty in my opinion. Most people have enough fat stored in their bodies to supply food for about ninety days….yes ninety days!

The trial was interesting. I had moments of extreme hunger and some feelings of vagueness throughout the day. The fogginess of thinking may be a result of blood sugar levels depleting however I did notice that I got sharper in the late afternoon and by dinnertime I wasn’t even feeling that hungry. Dinner at around 8pm was great and I washed it down with a single glass of fine red wine which was delicious. I made sure I ate almost no sugar, just some vegetables drenched in butter and a nice fatty rump steak fried in butter. My desert was a little super dark chocolate (70% Cocoa). Overall I’d say I ate fewer than the recommended daily calories and a very high percentage of animal fat. I felt full and stayed feeling full until bed time. Just before bed time I did have a sudden stomach gripe and passed a rather loose stool much to my wife’s amusement. She caught me visually examining the contents of the toilet pan and declared that she was right about fasting being bad for you…..annoying. Anyway I am revealing this information in the interests of objectivity. It makes sense that a radical change in a diet habit will have the body rebelling a little. Anyway I felt good afterward and the next day I awoke to normal bodily functions and not feeling hungry at all.

The plan is to try a 24 hour fast every Monday. Why so much animal fat? Soon all will be revealed.

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