Monday, July 21, 2008

Lab Rat Award to Rest Home Man

In a posting below I criticize the eating of breakfast rather severely. I haven't changed my mind radically but I'm thinking now that it is not so much breakfast that is the culprit but the type of breakfast. A breakfast of bacon and eggs or a full cream cup of cocoa without the sugar would be just fine as a breakfast. It seems silly to force down such a breakfast if you are not particularly hungry and so I still recommend leaving it as late as possible in order to fast longer and to enjoy it all the more when you do feel like it.The thing is most breakfasts are massive carbohydrate loads. Breakfasts such as all the cereals, pancakes with syrup (the horror!) and toast with jam are just suicide breakfasts for those wishing to lose weight or as in my case want to see well defined abdominals.

Now I'll go out on a limb and state that carbs aren't so bad but only so long as you don't exceed your daily total calorie intake - the sting in the tail of this claim though is that it is nigh on impossible to achieve due to the appetite stimulating properties of all carbs. Carbs make you hungry so if you want to endure the misery of feeling achingly hungry all day go ahead and have some toast.

Yesterday I had a fine breakfast of three eggs and three slices of bacon fried in butter with a tomato and felt full well past lunchtime. In the afternoon I made a big mistake and ate a banana and from then on I was fighting the hunger demon. I should have had a piece of cheese or even a hot cream drink.Now if you want to feel full have six fried eggs for breakfast. Don't worry about the cholesterol or the fat, they found an old man in a rest home recently who ate only eggs (25 a day) for 15 years and his blood tested just fine.

Thanks rest home man for doing this experiment for us!

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