Thursday, July 17, 2008

High Fat Diets

I love watching documentaries on compulsive eaters. The usually show extremely obese people who have got so fat that they can no longer get up from their beds. Last night I watched one that focused on three people in this condition. It is obviously a medical condition that doesn’t afflict everyone and mega obesity is relatively rare however they all ate prodigious quantities of fast food. By their beds were piles of hamburgers and cans of soft drink. While the commentary described them as having high fat diets all I ever saw them eating was bread buns, fries and sugary things. The burgers had meat in them but a beef pattie isn’t particularly high in fat I would have thought and fries are a bit oily but mostly starch.

The meme that eating fat, especially animal fat, makes you fat is so ingrained into human thinking now that it is impossible to dislodge. I like to eat fruity yoghurts but I noticed that the one I enjoy has about six teaspoons of sugar in it and is made from skim milk. I looked around for a full cream or at least not lite yoghurt but so far haven’t found one. There are unsweetened ones but they are still lite. The super market shelves are full of low-fat products and high carb products yet people are getting fatter and fatter and still blaming animal fat.

Now if the super obese people had thrown away their hamburger buns and fries and just eaten the meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish) as well as avoiding the soda drinks and just drank coffee made with full cream and partaken of a little red wine I bet you that they would not have gotten into the state they found themselves in. Yet this would have been a high animal fat diet. So why do the ‘experts’ insist that high fat diets made them this way? Beats me.

PS. Another interesting thing is that most of them blamed a lack of exercise as contributing to their obesity - they got so fat that they could not exercise. Everyone needs to understand that exercise will not make you thin. It may make you fit but it is controlled eating that makes you thin. You can't out run a Big Mac!

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