Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lab Rat II

OK I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and do some more human experimentation. From yesterday I have started a high animal fat diet. This has to be kept secret so don’t tell anyone. Why does it have to be a secret? Well many people would consider it to be self-harm like taking drugs or cutting yourself. Aliens who wish to depopulate the planet have planted the “animal fat will kill you” meme into the human consciousness. Now everyone is gorging on healthy whole grain bread until they explode. – just kidding about the aliens.

Yesterday for morning tea I drank a cup of hot chocolate without sugar but made from two thirds heavy cream and one-third full cream milk. I found it to be delicious and certainly sweet enough – the chocolate powder has some carbs. By lunchtime I wasn’t hungry at all so just had a multi-vitamin and a small orange. For afternoon tea I had another creamy hot chocolate. I arrived home at around six not feeling particularly hungry at all. Later I had two eggs fried in butter and two rashes of bacon with a couple of tablespoons of baked beans. I finished the day with a cup of tea and two small pieces of 70% dark chocolate.

This must have been about an 80% animal product diet with most of it being fat with some protein and some carbs in the chocolate and orange. The interesting thing about this diet was that I felt so full yet I only ate about 1600 calories in total. My insides felt good and I had more than enough energy. I’m going to keep this sort of diet up for a few weeks and see what happens to my weight. Weight now = 70.5 KG.

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