Thursday, June 05, 2008

Train Your Body to Burn Fat

Some people accuse me of being too skinny and that I should put on weight. In a way I agree with them – I would love to put on a bit of muscular weight around the chest and shoulders. Yet I suspect they mean that I should put on some fat. Why this would be a good thing is beyond me. Stores of fat around the midriff are never a good thing or a good look.

I actively eat quite a bit of fat yet I do not gain weight. This is because I force my body to burn fat as a fuel. There are millions upon millions of people out there who want to lose fat yet have trained their bodies to never use fat as a fuel source. Quite simply if your system is awash with carbohydrates from bread, rice, pasta, sugars it will never need to draw upon its supply of stored fat. A lot of the time it will have an excess of sugar and will store that sugar as fat.

It’s hard for people to get their heads around this concept. Sugars make you fat, fat makes you thin. If your food source is protein, fat and some sugars from fruit and non-starchy vegetables only, you will lose weight. The idea is to keep your muscles running on only a limited supply of sugars in the form of fructose and force it to burn fat and protein. If the body can burn fat as a fuel then in situations where there is little food in the blood stream it will readily draw upon the fat reserves.

Here is an interesting article on how carbs cause weight gain.

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