Saturday, June 07, 2008

Skin Offal and Bones…yum

I have read many diet and fitness articles that say things like you should remove the skin from chicken, eat only the breast meat or eat only the leanest of meats. Tons of nutritious food is discarded every day because of silly ideas like this. Imagine pulling the skin off chicken and throwing it away – it’s the best part and packed with nutritious substances essential for strong bodies.

The same goes for pork skin and fat, livers, marrow, kidneys, heart, tongue, stomach – anything from an animal you can eat you should eat. I do tend to draw the line at brains though but that’s just a bit of squeamishness on my part, some people love them.

Canned fish is a good source of nutrition, especially fish that has the bones like sardines. Sardines seem to have the guts as well, at least my Brunswick ones do although I prefer King Oscar but being three times the price they are a rare treat. The bones that have been softened by the canning process are a great source of calcium in the diet. Sardines have a very high Omega 3 rating as well and are a very oily fish.

The lean meat is probably the least nutritious part of the animal. A century or so ago a couple of Europeans found themselves having to spend a year with Eskimos in the far north. The Eskimos ate a diet almost exclusively of fresh animal product. The visitors weren’t keen on the Eskimo food and grilled their own lean seal meat. After a while they became very weak and unhealthy yet the Eskimos were fine. They started eating the Eskimo diet that included almost the entire animal even the stomach contents in nice hearty stews full of fat. Soon they got their strength back and eventually returned to civilization stronger than ever.

The moral of the story? Eat lean meat and die.

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