Thursday, March 11, 2010

Progress Report on Muscle-Up Plan

It looks like I need to concentrate on several things:

Explosive chin-ups – to get more of my body above the bar. Cheating a bit but hey.

Better dip ability – For the final stage of the muscle-up

Slower descent – not just falling down but using muscles to descend from the dip as slowly as possible – done to increase strength

Stronger hands/wrists – transitioning from chin up to dip, although technique plays a large role here.

More exercise equipment required as I don’t have any parallel bars at home. There are some a few minutes away by bike but it is getting dark in the mornings now that summer is ending. I could buy a portable camping type lamp that I could hang near the bars. I could build something for spontaneous use at home.

Chin-up bars at the park are at 6, 7 and 8 feet. I can easily do a muscle-up on the 6 foot bar but not the 7 foot one and certainly not the 8 foot one where I have to jump up to the bar and can hang fully stretched out. This is the bar that I want to be able to muscle-up on in three months time. What I really could do with is a 6.5 foot bar or slightly less. I could achieve this by building my own adjustable height bars at home or by making a small platform that I could stand on to bring me a bit closer to the bar for use in the park.

I need to practise getting more of my hand over the bar in a sort of false grip to make it easier to transition from chin-up to dip.

Muscle recovery. As I type this I really want to go out and do some exercise yet I feel I should take a rest day and let my joints and muscles recuperate. The last thing I need is an injury. Hopefully it will be a case of less is more. Yet I wonder if they have rest days in the French Foreign Legion?

Nutrition. Need to eat well for strength although large arm muscles are apparently detrimental to good muscle-up form. Not much danger of that occurring with me though sadly. My arms are bigger than they ever have been but still pretty weedy I reckon. The photo above is of me taken today - not too bad for a 50 year old on a high fat diet.

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