Sunday, March 14, 2010

Everything is Trying to Kill You

A common objection people have to eating loads of meat is that it sits around in your gut festering away. Personally I haven’t experienced this and have noted that meat completely passes through my system often in less than 24 hours. Unless vegetable matter somehow manages to pass the meat in the digestive tract – maybe there are road rules in there, fast lane for vegetables, slow lane for meat. I have noticed that sustained meat consumption can lead to more solid stools unlike the runs that can result from a high fruit/vegetable diet. It is possible that fruit likes to pass quickly through your system in an attempt to stop its seeds from being digested. No plant wants its seeds to be digested so a strategy that causes convulsions in an animal’s gut and explosive stools will be good news for a plant but not necessarily good news for you.

Remember that your body is always trying to keep you alive and everything else is trying to kill you. This should be a guiding principle. The body can put up with a lot of insult although not necessarily optimally. When you eat something it would be wise to ensure that its defences have been neutralized. This is easy with animal products but not quite so clear cut with vegetable products, they’re much sneakier and meaner.

Update on muscle ups: Today my body is sore and damaged. It’s amazing how changing your exercises can so easily result in sore muscles and joints. You think you are exercising everything but it is actually very hard to do. I’m thinking about a routine of exercises that can exercise every muscle in the body to be done at least once a week - basically a ton of different exercise but not done to excess, maybe just five times of each movement to keep the body accustomed.
Anyway I have sore shoulders and legs. Shoulders from concentrating on dips and slow descents from the bar, legs, I think from doing cat leaps because I want to improve my explosive leaping ability. Anyway it’s all good, very good as no major harm done and today I can take a rest.

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