Friday, March 26, 2010

A Lonely Figure

Yesterday I noticed a significant improvement in my six foot bar muscle-ups. I did a fairly major workout involving cycling, running, wall climbing, rock lifting, hill climbing, push ups, crawling, jumping, sprinting and bar work over about an hour and a quarter. The faux-muscle-ups seemed easier. I’m wary of over-doing it as I really want to avoid any over-use or traumatic injury that will impede my progress. One thing I did notice, that was different to last time, was that I didn’t feel so broken afterwards. Last time the main bone in my left arm felt damaged. Not the joint but the main straight bit which was a bit odd yet after yesterdays workout I felt a little sore but in a good way and now this morning I’m feeling really good with no significant aches and pains. I’m having a rest day even though I really want to do some working out – maybe I’ll do some planks, something different and not intense. I also made sure I drank a lot of water and ate well yesterday consuming rice bread, sardines, almost half a chicken, fatty pork, a pear, cream in coffee, a corn cob drenched in butter, green vegetables, egg and some cream cheese – oh and some whiskey after two days rest from alcohol (did you know that alcohol has zero GI?). This was my muscle building diet day but writing it down it doesn’t sound like a huge amount. Some may question the corn cob but I have found that a corn cob a day makes you nice and regular and keeps things moving a long fast and smoothly. I don’t eat more than one and I think it is better than any processed corn product. I wonder though whether its laxative effect is due to the body wanting to expel it at soon as possible - hmm.

I’m also taking a 1500mg fish oil tablet whenever I eat some meat. This converts your land-based meat into fish or at least balances the omega 3/6 ratio. Consciously cutting fruit consumption down to the barest minimum of one or two pieces a day. And using all my will power to avoid the chocolate temptation which along with red wine is a bit of a weakness. It is red wine and chocolate that is stopping me from achieving my six- pack-ab goal I believe.

My wife was telling me that one of her friend’s husbands was joining the gym. I had noticed that for a man in his early forties he had a lot of fat accumulating around the middle. Skinny-ish arms and legs, no muscle definition, but a fat middle – it’s a terrible look imho. It’s just a result of no physical discipline and poor food choices leading to metabolic syndrome. He needs to do something. Her friend said that I was skinny and little – can you believe that? I have very little fat because my body is a fat burning furnace. My muscles have definition, if I was bigger it would just be layers of fat stuck to my body – why would I want that? People must think I am naturally this way yet it is the result of eight years of diet control and exercising focused on building the perfect body for my age.

Anyway, it occurs to me that no one close to me follows a regime of high fat, high protein eating and parkour-like physical training. Yet my success is obvious to behold. They think I am mad having cream in my coffee and four boiled eggs for lunch while they eat bread and fried rice dishes or pastries washed down with coke, fruit juice or Red Bull. The resistance to saturated fat eating and the core belief that grains are good for you is entrenched into the main stream belief system and I strike a lonely figure. I’m an eccentric, prone to obsessive-compulsive behaviour, I will admit but it would be nice to win over a convert or two and see if my success can be replicated. Thank goodness for the Internet from which I have gleaned most of my information and advice.

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