Saturday, January 17, 2009

Told You So Didn't I?

Sometimes I think this blog is just an unrestrained attack on fat people and that I probably should get back to writing about the longevity project. But I'm trying to help fat people, really. It's absolutely essential to approach old age with the lightest, strongest body you can and it will get harder and harder to achieve this as the years pass by.

I often have arguments with people about the benefits of exercise in relation to weight control. Too many people think that exercise is an effective strategy for weight loss and it's not and a new study out confirms this:

"Evidence is beginning to accumulate that dietary intake may be more important than energy expenditure level," Luke said. "Weight loss is not likely to happen without dietary restraint."

"Decreased physical activity may not be the primary driver of the obesity epidemic," said Loyola nutritionist Amy Luke, a member of the study team.

Exercise is not even a good strategy for weight maintenance for the middle aged and above person. Dietary restriction is absolutely essential to maintain a low weight and optimum health when the body is aging and slowing down.

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