Sunday, January 18, 2009


It’s been a while since I wrote about Eternal Recurrence yet I think about it daily. Although every now and again I imagine death and non-existence and a cold chill runs down my back the thought of the Eternal Recurrence returns me to the reality of existence. Being dead will be no worse than being asleep. It will actually be much better, in fact it wont even be an experience so those anticipating a nice long rest will be disappointed although nine months of being in the womb again will be something to look forward to. For at the very instant that you pass away almost endless eons will come to pass and voila you will come into existence again as the Universe completes its full cycle. Instead of imagining the endless days of being dead imagine the glorious cycles of exploding galaxies and extinguishing suns all taking place during the blink of an eye, indeed considerably less time than that. In death there is no sense of the passing of time. Then you are in the womb again – this is our heaven and our reward. Death doesn’t bring coldness, instead it brings warmth and safety.

How can this be? some may ask. How can this not be? I retort. There is no starting or ending and eternity cannot be linear. Behold the great serpent circle of time.

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