Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Live Life the Martial Way

My blog is starting to look a bit gay with these images of muscular male bodies. So I have put up the image above as an antidote.
This would be the most famous photo of a German soldier in existence. Yet there is a link between this photo and the two below and that is you need to live life like a warrior. On our journey we have to face many perils and eventually we will fall. It’s practically a suicide mission but we have to go on against all the odds. The longer we live the better, especially if you subscribe to the theory of Eternal Recurrence, yet nothing is more certain than our eventual demise. The thing is to be the best you can be and to fight like a warrior. But to fight like a warrior you need to be ready which means you need to train. The best you can do is fulfil the potential of the stage that you are at in your life. This means concentrating on physical fitness, mental fitness and diet. At all costs you don’t want to be a burden to others. You need to be ready to rise to the challenge, to help others on the way. If a disaster should occur, and there are a million and one potentially fatal occurrences just waiting to pounce, you need to be equipped to survive. This is the way of the warrior.

Here are a few quotes from the book "On Living the Martial Way"
by Forrest E. Morgan

From a review by Robert S. Griffin

The reality of life is war.

Living the martial way means thinking of yourself first and
foremost as a warrior.

Train against serious attack.

The warrior is always in training.

Analyze the threat you’re most likely to face.

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