Friday, October 09, 2009

Sun and Steel

If my self was my dwelling, then my body resembled an
orchard that surrounded it. I could either cultivate that
orchard to its capacity or leave it to the weeds to run riot in.
. . . One day, it occurred to me to set about cultivating my
orchard for all I was worth. For my purpose, I used sun and
steel. Unceasing sunlight and implements fashioned of steel
became the chief elements in my husbandry. Little by little,
the orchard began to bear fruit, and thoughts of the body
came to occupy a large part of my consciousness.

Yukio Mishima


Redneck Texan said...

Well, Im thinking about making a half-hearted effort to lose a few pounds soon.

Started researching some low carb diets suuch as the South Beach model...... then quickly discovered they wanted a monthly fee for detailed information.

..... can you point me to some free online resources?

If not I'm just gonna try to lay off the grains and sugar, and hit the treadmill.

Redneck Texan said...

just to see what happens.

I'd be happy to just get from 230 down to 200 in the next 6 months.

AngloAmerikan said...


You can easily do this. To lose 30pounds in 6 months is not much more than a pound a week which is a healthy, bordering on the modest, goal.

Anyway, today I am going to think about a strategy for you to follow and do a post on it later.

RT said...

My biggest problem is that I am a very picky eater to begin with.

My pallet is very narrow. I live on enchiladas / rice / beans 5 days a week. I dont even have to order when I walk into my restuarnt..... they know exactly what I'll be having.

I like very little in the way of fruits / vegetables.

In fact I dont eat large volumes of food as it is. Very small portions can fill me up.

What I was really wanting was an exhaustive list of what I can choose from...... so I can make momma a shopping list.

..... and I'm really in pretty bad physical shape stamina wise. I live way too sedentary a lifestyle now that I dont physically labor at work....... but I grew the belly when I was most active..... my weight has remained fairly constant over the last 10 years.

I've never had much endurance. I was a sprinter. It was like, in my prime, my muscles could not get enough oxygen fast enough to sustain continued use ...... but if I rested for a few minutes I could sprint full speed again ....... and I recently found out my biological father had the same experiences.

...... so you know, walking even a half-mile on the treadmill my legs just stop responding to my requests for another step...... but 5 minutes later I can walk another 1/4 mile. I think I could probably build that up to a mile over a month or so of incremental increases...... I dont know that I could ever do 2 miles.

.... but any advice you care to offer would be appreciated..... I dont really care to get skinny as much as I want to feel better and have more energy.