Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Back!

Gosh, it’s been almost two months since I have posted anything here. I have been sidetracked by the pressure of work and the need to finish projects by years end sometimes working 17 hour days. I have let things slip a little and while continuing to exercise I have not been as focused on Active Survival as much as I should have been. The holidays are a time when bad food abounds and I have not resisted the temptation to indulge unfortunately. Time for all that to change because as we all know it is new years resolution time again!

It seems to me that one crucial aspect of a successful and rewarding life is an abundance of energy. Yet how can one increase energy levels? This will be the focus for the coming year. To seek out ways and means to live an energetic life. To avoid anything that saps energy whether it be dietary or mental. To develop techniques to efficiently use what little time I have left for maximum effect.

The first task will be to get rid of that 2kgs of fat I have put on around my midriff. It seems that any bad food you eat will turn instantly to fat. You can’t rely on exercise to burn it off. The only way to get rid of the result of eating those chocolates is to deprive yourself of food. Every indulgence requires a period of deprivation to negate the undesirable effects. It makes sense when you think about it this way. Your fat organ is like a fuel tank that needs to be run dry from time to time otherwise it will just keep filling up and up.

So once I publish this it’s out for a run and cycle in the wet and then back for a breakfast of stewed tomatoes and a can of sardines. I want those 2kgs gone in two weeks and my energy levels back to maximum.

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