Saturday, May 03, 2008

Product Trial

With the onset of cooler weather and winter looming I have purchased some new training clothing. Specifically compression clothing. This is all the rage at the moment with athletes who seek to improve performance and post exercise recovery. As always those that are interested in physical fitness watch closely what is happening in the sports world and follow the trends. Now everyone can wear super high tech gear while they work out.

There do appear to be some good reasons for following this trend. Compression clothing has been shown to improve post exercise recovery although apparently it works best if you wear it after the exercise as well as during the exercise. Compression clothing holds the muscles a bit tighter and stops them jiggling about as you run reducing overall stress. It also aids with cooling as well as keeping the chill off on those cold winter morning jogs. And lastly but by no means least it makes you look cool - like a super hero minus the cape although being a self conscious sort of chap I do wear some clothing over the top of it. I might just wear the compression clothing for a bike ride as you can get away with a full body lycra suit while cycling. The world is probably not ready to see me running around with full body skin tight clothing leaving little to the imagination.

Go here to read a good summary of the benefits of compression clothing. And here to read an article on the research that has been done on it.

I have purchased a Skins long sleeve top packed with BioAcceleration Technology – oooh yeah. As well as a pair of Adidas leggings.

I will try it out and report on its effectiveness. I might even post a photo of myself wearing it if I can get a good shot.

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