Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Evil that is Breakfast

The pernicious belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has become thoroughly ingrained in our society. This myth has been created by the massive breakfast food cartels who purvey cereals to the unsuspecting masses. This multi-billion dollar industry is responsible for a large part of the obesity epidemic sweeping the world – did you know that there are now more overweight people than underweight people in the world? The cartels have been ably assisted by the fast food companies such as McDonalds who have also gotten heavily into the ‘must eat breakfast’ push.

Most people who arise reasonably early do not feel like breakfast. Many will force down slices of toast or high calorie cereal because they think or have been told they should. It’s madness to eat food when your body is telling you it’s not in the mood – unless you want to put on weight that is. The early morning is the best time to take advantage of fat burning. In the morning your stomach is empty and your blood depleted of sugars. Now is the time to do some cardio forcing the body to draw upon the fuel stored in the fat cells. Guzzle down two or three cups of sugar free coffee and get out there burning off the fat.

There is a danger of over-eating at mid-morning when the appetite starts to return. The Active Survivalist needs to ensure that at this time ‘clean’ foods such as fruit and nuts are eaten in moderation. If you have performed a workout in the morning think of the next meal as a recovery meal and ingest foods that are beneficial to recovery such as protein drinks or anything that is high in protein such as meat and dairy products. If you can, just eat a banana and an orange and hold out until lunchtime. Again don’t over do it at lunchtime either. It’s not going to be easy at first to fight the mid-morning hunger pangs but soon it will become a habit.

In short, breakfast – don’t do it.

Here is a link to an article that discusses things a little more scientifically.

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John said...

What a curse this body can be. I'd much rather be pure spirit. Just think of how much time you'd have for thinking...
Yet, I rather think, Ouroboros like, that we are destined to be embodied. Hmmm, perhaps a dose of self hypnosis is needed to make me like exercise and dislike all 'bad'food.
Again, great stuff. Keep it up.