Sunday, March 23, 2008

Caffeine and Other Drugs

A while ago someone told me that if you stopped drinking coffee you would find that you had more energy and that your life would be transformed. I took this onboard and gave up coffee and any other caffeinated drinks. My abstinence lasted about a year and I can faithfully report that my general well-being was unaffected which was quite disappointing. I was eagerly awaiting transformation - maybe it was a bit like the time I took St John's Wort hoping for a miracle when a colleague pointed out that you actually have to be suffering from depression for an anti-depressant to show results. What I can report is that first coffee after a year had a terrific enlivening effect – I wondered why I had gone without for so long. Whoever suggested that coffee was bad for you was a complete party pooper. Indeed I can’t think of another readily available drug that is so useful for the Active Survivalist.

I always drink a couple of cups of coffee before exercise and recommend that others do so as well. It appears that there are no bad things to say about coffee. It increases endurance, may fight cancer, may delay Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and tastes good too. Sure you can drink too much coffee and feel a bit jittery. I tried this just the other day as an experiment, drinking about eight cups in a morning and can report that this is probably not a good idea. There’s no sense in over doing it as caffeine will reduce in effectiveness if too much is taken. The connection to Parkinson’s seems quite compelling and this alone seems enough reason to imbibe regularly.

The all good news about coffee has led me to think more about the possibility of other drugs being beneficial to the Active Survivalist. Resveratrol and Glucosamine look like promising substances too. Possibly green tea too which I have started to take daily.

The links in red above are worth the time to follow - who'd have thought that mice get Alzheimer's? Transgenic mice, half mouse half man...coool. Active Survivalists should have a bit of mad scientist in them. After all there is only so much healthy eating and exercise can acheive. To push the human life span beyond what it is now will require some extreme measures.
In case you were wondering the above brain images are those of a healthy patient and one suffering from Alzheimer's.


Redneck Texan said...

I've never drank a cup of coffee in my life.

I love the smell though.

AA said...

That's amazing RT - I thought all Americans drank coffee. If you get the urge again to use your exercise equipment try having a can of energy drink like Red Bull or V or anything containing around 80mg of caffeinne (about two cups of strong coffee worth) 15 minutes or so before the workout.